Graduate Student Resources

Group Coordination/Facilitation
The key component of a successful graduate school experience is having good working relationships with peers. In addition to all the services available to the larger campus, the Writing Center can coordinate and/or facilitate a discussion group for people writing MA or MS theses or class papers or just trying to understand how to survive in graduate school. We can provide a meeting location (the W.C. itself), trained graduate student facilitators to help run meetings, group records-keeping and document distribution, and many other services--just ask.
You can work one-on-one with trained grad student tutors on any issue related to writing. If you're having trouble settling on a topic for your thesis, we can help you settle on one; if you don't feel that you really ever learned how to use semi-colons, come see us. No topic is too small, and no questions are dumb.

The W.C. can prepare and present workshops on writing-related concerns which a group of people share. We can present workshops in classes or, if a group of students identify common questions, we can present a workshop separately. The W.C. collaborates with the Coordinator of Graduate Programs to present workshops on basics of the master's thesis.

Other Resources
The W.C. provides instructional handouts, books, and online resources for you to consult. While the W.C.'s holdings in some areas are relatively limited (our bookshelves are small), we can easily point you toward good places to look, and we can help you learn to make the most of your writing handbook.