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Faculty Handouts

Follow the above link to find our collection of PDF-format handouts designed to help teachers incorporate writing successfully into their classes.

In traditional liberal-arts education, writing is centrally important in courses across the curriculum. Good teachers use writing both to enhance learning in their courses and to develop students' knowledge of the writing conventions of their particular fields. If you're a teacher who wishes to use more or better writing in your classes--without necessarily increasing your workload--please look to the Writing Center as a resource for information and strategies. The W.C. offers several different services to teachers:

Through the Center for Teaching and Professional Development, the Writing Center provides workshops which offer concrete suggestions and advice on several areas of concern: how to develop good assignments; how to respond to and effectively evaluate student writing; how to use writing to enhance learning in any given course; how to help particular kinds of writers (unskilled writers, second-language writers, etc.); and how to teach writing with sensitivity to issues of difference.
You can consult individually with the Director of the W.C. for tips on enhancing your writing instruction. Together, we can work to bring your writing assignments more closely in line with the purposes of your course; revise your existing assignments and develop new ones; formulate criteria for evaluation; and enable you to respond effectively to the students' papers, so that you enhance learning while wasting as little of your time as possible.
Meeting Facilitation
The Director can meet with your department or other administrative unit in order to facilitate discussions about writing within your unit. Such meetings can help you clarify instructional goals and develop strategies for encouraging students' writing growth throughout their academic careers.
In-Class Workshops
The Writing Center can help you prepare to teach specific units on writing-related issues. We offer workshops on how to teach a variety of critical reading and writing skills.
In-Class Writing Center Introductions
Staff members will come to your classroom and provide ten-minute introductions to the Writing Center's services and resources.