Melissa Vogt

I grew up in Southern California before I fled to the Bay Area after high school. I spent a few years in San Francisco where I met my now husband. After spending some time in San Francisco, my husband and I moved to Humboldt County; I completed my Bachelor's Degree in English at Humboldt State University. After graduation we moved back to San Francisco and I worked at a K-12 textbook writing company for two years. The company closed down and it was then that I applied to graduate school. When I was accepted into the Master's in English Education and Rhetoric program at Sonoma State University, my husband and I moved to Santa Rosa—a drastic change from San Francisco, but a welcomed transition into a slower-paced and much warmer lifestyle. Sonoma County has quickly become our well-loved home. I love spending time outdoors in this beautiful county and staying active as much as possible. This school year I am finishing up my coursework, teaching a section of English 100A/B (which I love!), writing my thesis, and working as a Lead Tutor in the Writing Center.