WEPT Test-Taking Rules

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You can click here to access the WEPT Book, a printer-friendly document containing all the WEPT information listed on this website (except the schedule).

Test Registration and Options

To register for the WEPT, you must first pay $35 at Seawolf Services or online through your Payment Portal. Then you may sign up through the link on the WEPT Schedule Page.

To be admitted to the test, you must have the following:

  • Your confirmation email showing that you registered
  • Your receipt dated from the current semester
  • Two forms of ID, at least one of which must contain a photo of you. A valid Driver’s License is preferred; other acceptable forms of ID are SSU Student ID, U.S. Military ID, California ID card, Resident Alien Card, or a passport. The name on your ID must match the name on your receipt and on our roster.

We also recommend that you bring the following:

  • 2 pens
  • A dictionary and/or thesaurus. Please Note: Electronic dictionaries or thesauri may be used, but must not have the ability to connect to the internet. Such devices will be inspected before the exam to ensure that they do not have an internet-access function.
  • We offer both computer and handwritten exams. Computer exams fill up quickly because space is limited, however the spell-check and grammar-check functions are disabled on all computers. Handwritten exams do not have a capacity limit, so you may register for handwritten exams up to 48 hours prior to the test date. The WEPT is administered several times each semester. Each administration lasts for one week. You may only take one (1) test during a single week of test administration. If you take more than one exam in the week of administration, the earliest-dated exam will be read and scored while any other exam will be destroyed without being read. Your fee for the unread exam(s) will be forfeited, and you will not be eligible for a refund. Refunds are only issued if you request them BEFORE the date of the exam. You may register for another test administration in the same semester ONLY AFTER you have received notification that you have failed the first exam. No exam material may be removed from the testing space/site, nor may copies be made of any prompts, rough drafts, or finished exams. All exam materials become the property of Sonoma State University, and failure to follow the aforementioned regulations will result in the test score being invalidated.

    Special Accommodations

    If you have a disability and require special accommodations to take the exam, please refer to the schedule and sign-up for a DSS-Accommodated Exam. Please fill out the Academic Accommodation Request Form on the DSS website before signing up for a DSS WEPT Exam. Additional questions can be directed to Disability Services for Students (DSS) at 707-664-2677.

    Prohibited Materials

    You may not bring or use any of the following materials into the exam:

    • • CELL PHONES: Possession or use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in the testing facility. If your phone rings or you are found with or using a phone during a test, you will be dismissed from the test, your essay will not be graded, and you will forfeit your fee.
    • • ELECTRONIC DEVICES: PDAs, pagers, computers, audiotapes, CDs, photographic or recording devices, removable storage devices, etc. are prohibited.
    • • VISITORS: No children, relatives or friends of examinees are allowed in the testing area during testing. Unattended children will be reported to the campus police.
    • • PRINTED MATERIALS: No notebooks, scratch paper, textbooks, handbooks, etc. are allowed in the testing area. Please note: Paper will be provided.
    • • FOOD AND DRINK: No food or drink is allowed in the testing rooms.

    WEPT Tutoring and Practice WEPTS:

    Before your exam, you may schedule a tutoring appointment to discuss the WEPT. During your appointment, your tutor can answer general questions about the exam and what the scorers are looking for, discuss test-taking strategies, review and discuss practice prompts, and also address things to avoid when taking the exam.

    Practice exams can be taken on your own time during the Writing Center’s open hours. It is best to schedule a tutoring appointment, and allot yourself two hours prior to the appointment to complete your practice WEPT. Please Note: Prompts for the WEPT must be returned to the Writing Center, and must not leave the library. On the day you choose to take your practice test, come to the Writing Center (housed in the Learning and Academic Resource Center, Schulz 1103) and ask for a prompt. Know that you are allowed two hours to complete the essay. Once you have completed your practice WEPT, you may return to the LARC front desk and submit your test taking materials. We will hold your materials until your Writing Center tutoring appointment, when you and your tutor will review your exam and discuss its strengths and areas for improvement.

    Review of a Non-passing WEPT:

    If you would like to review a non-passing WEPT, you must contact the WEPT office at wept@sonoma.edu or (707-664-2058). The WEPT Assistant will pass your information along to a WEPT Advisor who will contact you to schedule an advising appointment. Be aware that this process may take a couple of weeks; if you plan to seek advising before attempting to re-take the exam, please allow for plenty of time to complete your WEPT advising before signing up for a new WEPT test. Advising appointments are available on a limited basis.